I’ve been nervous about going back to college. My memories of the place aren’t good. I needed to remember that its not the same person going back, emotionally or physically. 

You look great! :D

I have seen you grow in some ways and shrink in others so much in the past year. You are going to do great things my friend :) 

You are amazing girl!!!!!

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Beautiful eyes and smile!
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Awwww thank you!


*presses the button* *worships the button* *becomes the button*

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Took advantage of an empty locker room and took a selfie.

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“She walks with a cane, but she runs with the champions.” Ninety-nine year old Ida Keeling set a record for the 100-meter dash at the Gay Games 9 held in Akron, Ohio earlier this month. The 4-feet-6, 83 pound Great-great-grandmother and mother of four began competitive running at 67 years old after dealing with the loss of her two sons less than three years apart. To beat her depression, Ida’s daughter, Shelley, urged her to participate in a 5K race. After Ida’s first race, running became her therapy. In addition to running, Ida goes to the gym twice a week and practices yoga regularly. We are inspired by Ida’s consistency and her dedication to optimal health. via Instagram http://ift.tt/1ztCBWw

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